The Past

Winter Wonderland

Snow seems to make everything 10 times prettier. It never really snows where I live and usually if it does, it is’nt that much or is majority ice. However, yesterday it snowed all day and turned everything into a beautiful, snowy place. Naturally, I wanted to take a ton of pictures so I did. I absolutely love these pictures and wanted to share them with you so I hope you enjoy because I froze off my fingers while taking these pictures!

I literally just took my camera out and started taking pictures with a good friend of mine. Basically everything was a photo opportunity and we ended up with around 400 pictures. We walked around her house taking so many pictures and just enjoying the one time a year snow we get. The last time we got this much snow was a disaster because the roads were packed and no one could go anywhere so I ended up having to sleepin school. The northern states literally were laughing at how bad we handled it. This year was definitely better even though.

If you are curious, I took these pictures with a Canon T6i and used VSCO’s HB1 preset filter to edit all of these pictues.


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