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Why I Choose Natural

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed in my choice of products, I like to try to use as many natural products as I can. A lot of people have their own opinion on natural products and whether they want to use them or not but I wanted to give you a little insight on why the products I show you are on the natural side.

So even before I was aware of what natural was, my mom liked to try to use natural things. That eventually carried on to me and I started to develop my own thoughts for it. One big factor for me is that there is some family history of skin issues. I never realized how  much taking care of my skin and body was until I became more aware. Another was because I take AP Environmental Science which is like the only class I have ever applied to my life. There is so much pollution in the air that there is essentially no face mask or face wash or anything that will completely keep us away from it. So instead of adding to the pressures put on my skin, I try to avoid what I can.

Sometimes, people don’t want to use natural products because they don’t work as well. I agree with this sometimes since some of the natural products I have used don’t work as well. I feel like there are certain products that I won’t use the natural version of. Still, there are so many products that really work and sometimes better.

I hope you enjoyed this and got a little insight from this. Obviously, everyone has their own reasonings so you don’t have to follow mine if you don’t agree with it. Thank you all for your support! Also happy Easter!


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