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Salzburg, Vienna, Prague

A Collection of Photos from Satzburg, Vienna, and Prague

Early this year, I went to three European cities: Saltzburg (Austria), Vienna (Austria), and Prague (Czech Republic). Below are my favorite pictures from this trip. Honestly, I would have separeated them by city but I have no idea where the separation is between all of the cities. If I do remember I will obviously list where they were taken. Pretty much all of these were edited with hb1 on the VSCO app or from Apple’s filters in the photo app. I hope you enjoy!

Saltzburg, Austria

Recommendation: Try Sacher Torte, it’s amazing


Vienna, Austria

This was my favorite place since it was more “big city” like


Prague, Czech Republic

Tip: They prefer you using Korunas (their currency) over Euros but will accept both.



Either I have no idea where these were taken or they were places on the way to each city.



  Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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