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Rhode Island

Hey everyone! First of all, I’m so excited we hit over 500 subscribers! It’s really weird to think about that because I remember when it was just like about 100 people. Anyways, I have been out of town for the past two weeks and I haven’t posted in a long time on here so I wanted to write about my trip to Rhode Island.

I was up there for the past two weeks at a camp and got a few pictures. It honestly was such an amazing experience at the camp and I loved seeing everything around Providence. I did stick around Brown University’s campus for the most part of the trip, and it was really fun. I do have to say, no air-conditioning in the dorms while it was like 80-90 degrees outside was pretty tough.

So the camp was help on campus and it mainly focused on leadership and social issues. I do want to write a post about some of the amazing workshops we did later on so I won’t say much about them now. Through the program, they took us to a challenge course area which was really fun and a pretty good bonding experience. It definitely was really pretty there and very calming. I think that a lot of it was “strength through adversity” which was really nice to have.

Since I was there on 4th of July, we had a lot of fun at this place called India Point Park. There was a concert set up and a lot of talented people around my age were up there which I thought was cool. It was like a typical festival in some sort since there were food trucks, music, and a lot of people waiting for the fireworks. I’m not one to enjoy fireworks a lot, but the ones they had were really nice. Again, the whole place was very relaxing and pretty since it was by the water.

I think Thayer Street had to be my favorite place out of all. It was where everyone went to because it was easily accessible by walking. There were a lot of great food and shopping places on that one busy street. The best food places would be Wong’s Kitchen, which is on Thayer, and Bagel Gormet, which is a little out of Thayer Street. I cannot even tell you how many times I went to both places with my friends. Literally, they both had the best food.

That was my trip to Providence. I do have a Youtube travel diary video up if you want to see more at Sofia Miriam. Link:  . I hope you enjoy it!



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