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Prove Them Wrong

Girl: gifted, intelligent, remarkable leaders.

Today, October 11, is the International Day of the Girl. I want to raise awareness for gender equality, girl power, and proving them wrong. There are many girls in the world that defy the definition of “girl” but not enough. Every girl has a different strength. Sometimes, society cuts it out of them.

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What can girls be? Society might say they stick with the trends and make sure their appearance is perfect. But what if they didn’t care about all of that? What if they took adventure over clothes? What if they took science over makeup? What if they chose unique over the same? If girls took steps on a different path, maybe we would have a cure for cancer, an answer to our past, or life on another planet.

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Write your best quality on your wrist today. Show the world that you are powerful. Show them how girls can be anything they want to be. Your quality is your superhero power. Use it. Today isn’t over. Girls don’t have to wait for a certain day. Turn this day into every day and prove them wrong.


Adventurous, kind, caring, strong, resilient, ambitious, brave, wise, creative, determined, hard working, independent. Girls are who they are. They should stick to it and express it because who wants to live in a world where girls are the same. Prove them wrong.


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