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Life Chats #2: Sophomore Year

I thought I would come on here and say a few things about sophomore year of high school since I have just finished. This is going to be just straightforward with no pictures, mainly since this post doesn’t need any so I hope that is ok. Anyways, sophomore year is a whole other level from freshman year. Mainly you realize a lot more and honestly I just feel a lot more older mentally. You also realize that high school actually can get a lot harder making freshman year issues seem so irrelavant and overrated. Personally, I feel like I have changed a lot especially in my morals, beliefs, style, and mentality towards school and life.

I have stressed this before and I will stress it again that change in respect to the preivious line is ok. As long as you truly believe it makes you a better version of you and makes you feel truly happier about your life and yourself, change is ok. You experience a lot of it if you don’t ignore it as you explore your interests and disinterests.

Another thing is friends. In sophomore year you really start understanding people and behaviors more which can really change your friend dynamics. I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I started to notice true colors and the difference between a genuine friendship and one in which you are being used. I’ve been told by a lot of people that this realization really hits you around this time in high school so I wasn’t surprised or that confused when I started noticing.

During sophomore year, life just kept getting scarier. This is the time that you are fully in preparation for actual college and real life stuff. Before it was just a “coming soon” thing but now it is actually like ACTUALLY coming soon. Most people out of college say not to worry but it’s hard when you haven’t personally experienced it yet.

Basically sophomore year is just a big bridge from the freshman “first steps of high school” mentality to the intesity of junior year.


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