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I’m not usually one to carry around a purse or bag, but when it comes to carrying around quite a few things, a backpack is definitely useful. I have tried a ton of different types of backpacks/things that carry other things and I can say that this is the best one I have come across for what I want. It probably has to do with the huge hype around them but I do like their look. I think it is pretty good to invest in still since I don’t see this trend going away soon.

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Basically it is a backpack with a computer slot that fits different sizes depending on what bag size you get and one small pouch at the front. Although it doesn’t have many differnt pockets I still think it keeps me very organized. The bag is fairly pricy at around $70-$100 depending on what size you get and where you get it from. However, if you are looking for a well-made, long-term bag, it is a pretty good investment.

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You have probably seen these bags on Instagram and other social media platforms since they do look really good for pictures. They honestly do look really nice and if you choose a good color that matches your style, they will look good with your outfits. My personal favorite colors of these bags are warm yellow, ochre, orchid, burnt red, and blue ridge. I would also recommend the mini for literally like carrying a phone and wallet only, the 15″laptop size for school, and the classic size for a day bag or something in the middle of those two sizes.

I do have to say that deciding to use it for school is something you have to think about. These backpacks cannot fit that much so if you have to carry around quite a lot for school this maybe is not the best choice. Also, unless you by strap cusions, the straps can get really uncomfortable if you are carrying something heavy for a good abount of time. Finally the last con is that the waterbottle pockets are not that good for all sizes of waterbottles.

All in all I really do like this bag and would definitely recommend it.

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