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High Museum of Art

Hey everyone! I recently went to the High Museum of Art in Downtown ATL and I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took. The museum is really cool and looks very modern so I got a lot of pictures that look really good. I definitely recommend going there because there is a lot of stuff to see, but you can definitely get through the whole museum without getting too tired. It is honestly such a good place to take pictures or get inspiration if you are an artist or want to get some inspiration. My favorite floor was the top floor which had more modern and contemporary pieces. There is one miror on that floor that literally everyone takes pictures in front of and a lot of the pictures I got from that floor look really good.


I hope you enjoyed this! I filmed a video on this which you can check out on my Youtube channel if you want; it may be up already or may not be. Check out all my socials and don’t forget to subscribe!

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