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Grocery Store Photoshoot

Yesterday I had the best photoshoot with my friends in a grocery store so I just wanted to share the pictures on here and talk a little aout it too. Grocery stores are really good photoshoot places with the right editing. It is an awkward place, however, since there are usually a lot of people around that don’t understand what you are doing or why you are doing it. If you go with a small group of people you are comfortable with, you tend to not care about what people around you think. So if you are planning on doing a grocery store photoshoot, here are my tips:

  • go with no more than 4-5 people and no less than 3 so that you will feel more comfortable and not feel awkward about taking pictures
  • don’t get discoraged about the look of them; the biggest part of the pictures is the editing
  • take inspiration from others because a lot of people do these so that way you have an idea for poses
  • go at a time that is not busy. you don’t want to get in other people’s way or make employees mad and it also helps you feel more comfortable. most people will do these pretty late at night
  • if you feel a little lost with poses or don’t know what to do grab a prop. you are literally surrounded by props in the store. ideas: ice cream, colorful cereal boxes, a drink
  • be aware of your background. the best looking isles are the chips, cereal, drinks, and ice cream isles
  • wear something a little more casual. this is more to personal taste or the type of look you want to acheive but be aware that you are in a grocery store and you might want to keep a more casual vibe.

Below are some of the pictures my friends and I took which you can take inspiration from. We actually took inspiration from emma chamberlin and ellie thumann’s instagrams for some of our pictures too. Also to edit I used VSCO’s hb1 preset and adjusted skin tone.


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